pep || 04/03/00 || any pronouns (they/them preferred) || canada

  • also known as pepto, phanta, phantasmic, whatever! i dont really have a name

  • my main hobbies are napping and listening to doujin music but i guess i draw sometimes too

thank you for reading! have a good day!

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q: can i use your art as an icon/header/sidebar/etc?
a: go ahead! please credit me if you can!

q: can i reprint your art to another site e.g. danbooru, pinterest, instagram, zerochan, etc?
a: ONLY if im credited clearly with link to any of my pages. (pixiv, twitter or tumblr) the same goes for edits

q: are commissions open?
a: personal commissions are closed for the time being, thank you!

q: do you take requests?
a: sometimes! i may or may not do them

q: do you have an online store?
a: not yet, but one is in the works (^_−)☆


  • general dni (racist/homophobic/transphobic etc.)

  • i am 18+ but i never post anything nsfw.

  • im anti-problematic shipping (eg. i dont support incest, age gap etc) but i dont really care if youre an "anti" or an "anti-anti/pro shipper" just leave me out of it. please let me know or block me if anything makes you uncomfortable, thank you!

  • if you have any specific triggers you would like me to tag, please let me know as well!



  • touhou project

  • jjba (mainly parts 4,5,6,8)



  • doujin music

  • documentaries

  • sailors....

  • naps

fave characters

touhou faves

  • minamitsu murasa

  • mononobe no futo

  • seiga kaku

  • nue houjuu

  • yuyuko saigyouji

  • yuuka kazami

  • mamizou futatsuiwa (shoutout to maria)

  • nitori kawashiro

  • komachi onozuka

  • hata no kokoro

  • hecatia lapislazuli

  • youmu konpaku

  • urumi ushizaki

  • all of them tbh

jjba faves

  • josuke higashikata (4)

  • giorno giovanna

  • jolyne cujoh

  • ^ aka kosedaigumi (子世代組)

  • josuke higashikata (8)

  • pannacotta fugo

  • narancia ghirga

  • foo fighters

  • hot pants

other faves

  • midori asakusa (eizouken)

  • ritsu kageyama (mp100)

  • shigeo kageyama (mp100)

  • kyouka jirou (bnha)

  • eijirou kirishima (bnha)

  • chara (undertale)

  • todomatsu matsuno (osmt)

  • kano shuuya (kagepro)

  • diamond (hnk)


disclaimer: im not big on shipping, i dont take this seriously at all. i like more ships than just listed here, these ones are just faves


  • reimari

  • kogabanki

  • muraichi


  • kiribaku

  • momojirou

  • todochako


  • fugonara

  • naratrish

  • josuyasu


art by @corkscrewcross (twitter)

456 trio

  • 子世代組 (ko se dai gumi) meaning "child generation group"

  • grouping of josuke, giorno, jolyne*

  • the gay cousins...

  • i love all three of them, and i love the concept of them being friends

  • yes this counts as a favourite character too shhhh

^ strictly platonic!! dont ship family please





  • ask for discord (^_−)☆


fave circles (touhou)

  • Alstroemeria Records

  • FELT

  • flap+frog

  • Frozen Starfall

  • 発熱巫女~ず (hatsunetsumiko's)

  • IZMIZM (izna)

  • 回路-kairo-

  • Pizuya's Cell

  • あらいぐまファクトリー (raccoon factory)

  • ShibayanRecords

  • 魂音泉 (TAMAONSEN)

  • TaNaBaTa

  • 東方事変 (touhou jihen)



  • etc.

other musicians/circles/groups

  • tofubeats

  • Aiobahn

  • Arkells

  • Bahamas

  • flor

  • Passion Pit

  • Madeon


  • Bad Suns

  • Vulfpeck

  • Nhato

  • kamome sano